Rise from the ashes

Rise from the ashes

Friday, February 19, 2010

February 17, 2010

Mental Game Training Technique #1 Imagery (visualization)

Visualize yourself achieving a goal you have set for yourself: World Champion, Blue Belt, June 2010

I am standing on the mat after the gold medal match. All of my team mates are going crazy shouting I won, and that I am the champion. I am walking around the mat, re-tying my belt, catching my breath. My hand hasn’t been raised by the ref yet, so it’s not official, but it’s starting to sink in and tears start to well in my eyes. I can hear my family too (my dad is so loud, cheering for me). The referee calls us both to the middle of the mat, grabs my hand and the hand of my nameless and faceless competitor and he raises my hand. I am the champion. I drop to my knees as sobs of joy erupt from my body. I run to my team mates and hug and thank Jorge first, my sensi who is crying too, with tears of joy and pride in his eyes. Melissa, Josh, my sweet Vincent, my family... And it’s all surreal. But it isn’t a surprise. I planned this, I worked for it. I deserve it. And that sense, of having earned this and not simply “won” pervades my entire being as well.


The most powerful use of imagery is to help prepare you to perform at your maximum ability, particularly in the heat of competition. **this is what i need

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