Rise from the ashes

Rise from the ashes

Friday, February 19, 2010

February 16, 2010

My action plan is for the remainder of February:
-figure out what the attitude of a champion is and how to get it
-work on my mental game daily. EVERY DAY.
-ask naturopath about sports nutrition+cancer nutrition and figure out an overlapping plan where ever possible.
-watch jiu jitsu video clip, read jiu jitsu book, talk to jiu jitsu people about jiu jitsu daily. EVERY DAY. (at least on of these things each day).
-look into how to maximize training
-come up with a training plan/schedule that is reasonable considering the treatments I am undergoing and stick to it (get Daniel to look it over and make sure it's not "too much")
-see about going to wrestling club with Melissa (just to try, see, experience)

When working on mind-setting/goal-setting use SMART
Time (frame)

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