Rise from the ashes

Rise from the ashes

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wrestling Class

Today wrestling was great. We worked the two-on-one grip on the arm.
Key points
-use both your head/shoulder when stripping their arm off your neck
-keep the momentum going forward to make the moves work

3 variations:
-scoop and stuff the head so you are controlling the head and arm, then ankle pick them
-kick up on their leg, then block and trip them *momentum must stay forward
-scoop them into a fire-man carry and dump them over top of you (work on it being more of a throw rather than a dump)

Jui Jistu I was tired. And did the class up until the rolling. I rolled with Tim and cut my foot, which ended my night a few minutes early. But I didn't mind, I feel like I got lots of good training in.

We worked on a pass that translates into a choke, using the gi and the back of the leg... It comes so naturally to me. Leo Santos is teaching this week and he saw me do the technique an he said: "wow, that's perfect!"

Now if only my body would co-operate and heal completely from cancer, I know I could be world champ. I hope to be one anyway, either way.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More regular updates from now on... I swear

Trained Judo today. I really suck at it. It's so humbling being back at the beginning as a white belt. I have so much work to do on my judo.

The main principles that stuck out today were:
-always keep the person in front of you (Bobby learned this from his father)
-when doing throws where you are using your legs, it's often that your legs exchange places, not that you have both feet planted... one hops where the other was, while the other kicks or blocks the leg to complete the throw

I can't even remember the names of the things we did in judo (my brain sucks on chemo)... I'm going to have to write them down in/during class so I can start learning them... It's getting under my skin and I really want to get excellent. I want to compete in judo too... Not as much as jiu jitsu... but, a little bit at least... just to feel it/see it.

-IV treatment, which will help with the energy (YAY!!)
-helping teach women's self defense (for prostitutes/sex workers/street girls) 4-5
-maybe helping Deb drill 5-6 (need to call to confirm)
-break from 6-7 during white belt class
-wrestling 7-8
-advanced jiu jitsu 8-9

It's ambitious. I might end up only being able to watch the jiu jitsu class from 8-9... I had a hard time with one hour of judo today. I will push myself tomorrow since I will be off Thursday for chemo.

Count Down AbduDabi and PANs

Training Plans This Week
**I really want to focus on judo!! i hope to get a few training sessions in this week.

In jiu jitsu:
let people pass guard and work on escapes
don't close guard this week
ask a lower belt for perspective on something
replay rounds of sparring as you fall asleep

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thing s to Try

Pick just one submission to focus on for a week.

Concentrate on how your hips are moving while sparring.

Find a way to make your hips as heavy as possible while passing.

Drill a sweep you didn’t like the first time you learned it.

Take two different posit ions and figure out how to transition between them.

Pick one posit ion and work on it for a month .

Try a new move today .

Pick a move you don’t use enough and drill it before class for a week.

Draw a diagram of a move that explains its mechanics.

Write down how to do the last move you learned with as much detail as possible.

Draw a flow chart of the posit ions you use and how you transitions between them.

Try a new move just because it looks fun.

Almost let a white belt tap you today .

See how long you can hold a “strange” posit ion while sparring.

Let people pass your guard so you can work on your escapes.

Pick your least favorite posit ion and work on it.

Teach your favorite move to someone who doesn’t know it.

Put together a three move combination and drill it.

Fight from top as much as possible for a week.

Don’t close your guard in sparring today .

Find a “fancy” move and see if it really is that fancy .

Drill the escapes to the last submission you got caught in.

Make a combination of three guard passe s that have you go over, under and around the legs.

Ask a lower belt for his perspective on something.

Try to stand up from guard more often .

Try to take the back from every where .

Watch and study higher belts sparring.

Figure out how much your game changes with and without the gi.

Stretch before and after train ing.

Play guard as much as possible for a week.

Replay a round of sparring in your head as you’re going to sleep .

“Steal” a good move from someone else.

Coach two white belts against each other .

Make your intentions obvious and see if you can still get the move.

Focus on controlling your breathing.

Set a faster pace than norma l.

Set a slower pace than norma l.

Move slowly and deliberately while sparring today .

Move fast and light with sparring today .

See how long you can hold mount .

See how many transition s you can do in one round .

Find a high level competitor with your body type and try to emulate him.

Stop halfway through a move and see how long you can maintain control.

Try a dumb move today .

Spar with your eyes closed.

Try sparring two people at once.

Hold knee- on- belly for as long as you can in sparring today .

Stand to pass guard this week.

Don’t use one of your arms today .

Work on your rear mount escapes.

Try holding side control on a balance ball to develop pressure.

Compare where you are now to where you were 6 month s ago.

Try not using your arms at all while sparring today .

Drill level changes and penetration steps today .

Take a minute to do as many repetition s of the armbar from mount as possible.

Do a full round of sparring from under side control.

Train transitions instead of posit ions.

Figure out a way to improve your scramble.

Draw a picture of how you think of a certain movement.

Pick the toughest person at your gym and spar with them.

Only use moves you learned as a white belt today .

Put in extra repetition s on your bad side.

Be single-minded in going for what you learned and drilled in class today .

Fine tune your choke s with feedback from your train ing partner.

See how long you can hold the triangle posit ion without finishing the submission .

Put yours elf in submission s and see if you can get out.

Approach old moves like they’ re completely new to you.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

jiu jitsu check point

Quest ions to Ask Yourself:

How good is your hip movement on the bottom?
decent. of course it could always be improved.

What part of your game needs the most work?

What posit ion gives you the most trouble?

What do you need to improve next?
bottom game, judo, and wrestling

How good is your posture in guard ?
getting better. getting swept less.

How can you improve your diet?
more fruits and veggies.

Are you getting enough sleep ?
not even close. insomniac these days. didn't sleep at all last night. trained twice today.

Is there a move you “should know” that still gives you trouble?
not that i'm aware of

How well can you open the close d guard ?
i need to work on it.

What is your favorite position?

What submission do you have the most trouble escaping?
side control

Do you keep fighting from your back when you could get to your knees ?
depends on the situation

Are you confident with your closed guard ?
not as much as I'd like to be. I feel comfortable with guard. I have loads of attacks... I just need to drill them more so that they get more automatic

Could you keep playing the same game if you were less athletic?
absolutely not

How much of your current game will stay the same as you age?
interesting. i can only imagine. I am a one strip blue belt... I'm 29... hope it doesn't change too much

Are you confident with your open guard ?
YES!! love it

What posit ions do you avoid that you shouldn’t?

What moves can you do on one side but not the other ?
i do everything on both sides

How many round s can you go before you’r e gassed?
depends. right now, with treatment and holidays, training has been more sporadic and my cardio is ass

If your armbar fails , where do you go from there?
sweep. triangle. omoplata. kimura. choke. depends

Are your legs really too short for the triangle or are your mechanics off?
no. long legs=awesome triangles

Do you do somet hing that goes “against the rules ” ( e. g. submission s from bad posit ions) ?
occasionally... armbar from bottom of side, or americana from side....

What was the last submission you got caught with?

What causes you the most frustration?
feeling stagnant. if there is too much talking in class and not enough training. when jorge is in mean sensei mode.

Are you ashamed to pull guard ?
absolutely not, that's rediculous

Do you train take owns enough?
sadly no. started taking judo last week. starting wrestling next week. i know i need to work on it!

Can you do your favorite throw while moving in different directions ?
i don't do too many throws. not yet. so sadly the answer is no

Do you prefer to pass from knees or standing?
standing usually. but depends

How good are your standing guard passes?
drilled a lot as a white belt. probably should revisit it.

If you had to start over, what would you do differentl y?
nothing really

Are you making the best use of your training time?
probably could pay better attention in class. talk less. focus more.

Are there “basic” moves you wish you were better at?
yes. everything

Are there moves you never tried becau e you worried they were “too advanced”?
no, i will try anything Jorge teaches.

How can you use less strength?
i'm a girl. not really a problem.

How can you use less flexibilit y?
I don't want to use less

How confident are you with the gi?
more than no gi

How confi dent are you witho ut the gi?
less than gi

How different are your gi and no- gi games ?
not that different. love nogi. so fast. just trained far less of it and competed less too.

Are you aggressive enough?
more aggressive lately. I still really need to work on being a monster like hillary.

Are you relaxed enough?
lately much moreso

Are you too passive?
sometimes i kind of give up or settle for defending instead or tryin to reverse or whatever... i hate when i do that. I don't want to do that.

Are you too defensive?
sadly yes. working on it

What parts of your game could you simplify?
not sure really

What submissions do you never try?

Have you surprised yourself lately?
yes! way more creative and offensive, much moreso on attack

If your triangle fails , what’ s your backup plan?
kimura or sweep or both?

Why didn’ t you do karat e instead?
wanted to learn jiu jitsu

Do you hold your breath when you shouldn’t?
much less so now, working on it!

Do you know of a black belt with your body type to watch ?
only online. not too many black belts in canada yet

Do you use the omoplata much?
here and there

Do you have a favorite finish from each position?
no. should i?

Whose guard do you really admire?
vincent, jorge, kate, pasqualie

What does your belt mean to you?
holds up my pants.

Why are you afraid of competing?
no. love it!

Are you still worried about self defense?
worried? no

How good are your headlock escapes?
dont think i've ever been caught in one, so probably bad

Is your guard “too open” and loose ?

Do you have a “go to” move for each guard you use?

What’ s your main attack from mount ?
arm bar, choke

What is your worst skill ?
everything need improvement

How do you measure your performance?
weight, strength, vitality, etc.

How much have you improved in the last six months?

Where would you like to be in 6 months?
world champ blue belt. promoted to purple belt on podium

Do you really want to compete?
i have competed more times than i can count... there are a dozen medals hanging around my place...

Can you visualize moves and posit ions as simple geometry?

Do you use the americana much?
here and there

How often do you get the cross collar choke from guard ?

How good are your side control escapes?
i always want to work on them. people say my knee to elbow is awesome in side control escapes

How far can you push your endurance?
my mind is tough and I can push myself far. Plus I'm stubborn and determine and feisty.

What is your proudest moment?
In jiu jitsu getting a silver star patch from Saulo. Getting my blue belt from Xande after having my arm broken in my 3 or 4 comp (white belt then).

What do you regret?
All the times I didn't train when I could have.

How many of the people that started with you are still training?

Do you remember what it was like to be a white belt?

What would be the simplest and quick est move from each posit ion?
depends on so many things

Are you overlooking simpler solutions?
i hope not

Do you do moves​ just becau​se they look cool?​

What is a “basi​c” techn​ique?​
everything is

How do you defin​e the funda​menta​ls?​
i dont

Would​ doing​ thing​s diffe​rentl​y be wrong​ or just diffe​rent?​
just different

Is there​ a move you alway​s wishe​d you could​ do bette​r?​

Are there​ moves​ you just never​ seem to remem​ber when you need them?
probably kicking around in the deep recesses of my mind.​

How do you keep yours​elf motiv​ated?​
worlds. health. fitness. fun. addicted. inspired. passionate.

Are the healt​h risks​ worth​ it?

Do you drill​ moves​ on both sides​?​

Do you reall​y need that many instr​uctio​nals?​
can't hurt

Do you try a move in sparr​ing the same day you drill​ed it?
if possible

Do you find drill​ing borin​g?​
occasionally, but I need to do it, and for the most part it's fun

Do you put in enoug​h repet​ition​s?​
could always do more

How is your half guard​?​
bottom and top decent...

Do you just stall​ in certa​in posit​ions?​
occasionally, depends on the score (at least in comps)

Are you alway​s looki​ng for the finis​h?​
moreso these days, still really need to work on it

Do you worry​ that lower​ belts​ are catch​ing up to you?
no, i'm passing people not the other way around

Is there​ somet​hing you alway​s wishe​d you were bette​r at?
take downs, wrestling, judo. working on it

What part of compe​ting makes​ you most nervo​us?​
just first match, at the beginning

How can the last techn​ique you learn​ed fit into your game?​
guard pass. awesome. already in game

Do you have one reall​y good train​ing partn​er to work one-​on-​one with?
melissa. :)​

Do you need priva​te lesso​ns?
i take them whenever the opportunity and funds are present.​ i think if you are serious about your jiu jitsu then you invest in it.

What part of the menta​l game do you need to impro​ve?​

How do you deal with anxie​ty?​
not very well, sadly.

Are you afrai​d of losin​g?​
no. but i want to win.