Rise from the ashes

Rise from the ashes

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Worlds in T-13 days

Flights are booked. Hotels and car rentals. Check!

Still need to register. Stuck on what weight class to enter.
under 118 with a gi
or under 129 with a gi

i'm sitting around 119 (naked).

we'll see where things are at after a week of hard training.

I should be resting. Reading jiu jitsu. Watching videos. Mental training. Just reading some blogs.

Laughing my butt off.

(I love laughter, it's so refreshing).

Check out: http://sleeptalkinman.blogspot.com/ (for a wife who records her husbands rambles in his sleep... (a little crude).

And for some more hilarity: http://shitmykidsruined.com/

And something a little more highbrow: http://unhappyhipsters.com/

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  1. Thanks, thanks, thanks, I've a sore gut from laughing so much!