Rise from the ashes

Rise from the ashes

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Submit, submit, submit

The goal of jiu jitsu is not to survive (although, you don't want to get submitted, and so you want to do that).

The goal is to submit your opponent.

When we approach a match we should be trying to submit our opponent, not just establish positions/get points etc.

Jorge gave us a speech about this yesterday after making all of us who are competing at worlds train for 18 minutes straight with a new opponent every two minutes, so they are fresh and you are exhausted. (sigh, tiring, but it also awesome).

I need to think more about submissions when I am rolling.

At worlds I need to approach my matches with SUBMIT as my mentality. As Jorge would say, "you need to mentalize the submission."


  1. Hooollly moly! It's getting really close!

    Success! I mean, Submit! :)

  2. Yes SUBMIT & kick some serious butt!